Why You Should Add Oregon City Chiropractic Care to Your New Year’s Resolutions

2022 is here, and if you’re like 188.9 million others in the U.S., New Year’s resolutions are probably on your mind. Many people are swarming to the gym in light of the new year, striving to bulk up, shed some pounds, or simply start making their health and wellness more of a priority.

However, working out isn’t the only way to elevate your health this year. If you’re looking for another idea for your New Year’s resolutions, consider adding Oregon City chiropractic care to the list.

New Year’s resolutions for 2022

Reasons to Add Oregon City Chiropractic Care to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Here are five reasons why getting Oregon City chiropractic care should be a goal in 2022:

#1: Help the Body Heal From Injuries

Oregon City chiropractic care helps your body recover from injuries because chiropractors treat the source of your pain, not just the symptoms. Soft tissue injuries, for instance, can be challenging to treat by traditional means, and pain medication doesn’t treat the cause of your injury or pain. That can leave you feeling helpless in the face of an injury. Fortunately, we can help your body heal by creating a flexible, customizable treatment plan just for you.

#2: Level Up the Body’s Strength and Mobility

There are several reasons that your body can lose strength and mobility over time, including a lack of exercise, poor posture, and injuries. If you go without treatment, these issues can worsen over time, which can impact your day-to-day life. Fortunately, our Oregon City chiropractic care can help restore and improve your balance, strength, and mobility by realigning your spine, breaking up any scar tissue, and improving circulation within the body.

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#3: Decrease Your Pain Levels

Oregon City chiropractic care helps alleviate your pain without resorting to painkillers. In fact, research has shown that patients who work with a chiropractor early on for low back pain reduce the likelihood of “early and long-term opioid use” by up to 90%. Unlike prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications, which just provide symptom relief, chiropractic care identifies the reasons for your symptoms and helps you overcome them for good.

#4: Increase Flexibility

Chiropractic adjustments can improve flexibility by restoring your body to its natural position. In addition to adjustments, your chiropractor can discuss lifestyle changes with you that will further improve your flexibility and overall health. For example, changes to your diet, sleeping position, and stretching routine may improve your spine health and help you reach your flexibility goals.

#5: Improve Body Functioning

Your nervous system and spinal health is crucial to your body’s functioning. Your nervous system functionality impacts nearly every part of your body, and chiropractors can adjust the alignment of your spine to be where it should be. This helps your body work more efficiently and feel its best.

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Chiropractic treatment provides many health benefits to help you achieve the best version of yourself this year, and when you need the best Oregon City chiropractic care, Complete Health Chiropractic Center is here for you. 

Our team offers a wide array of chiropractic services, including spinal manipulation, massage therapy, auto injury treatment, and more. What’s more, our new patient special can help you start the New Year off right by saving money while improving your health. 

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