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We are proud to provide holistic chiropractic care to families in Oregon City, Molalla, Estacada, Canby, West Linn, Gladstone and Milwaukie.

Complete Health Chiropractic Center, Oregon City, OR


In our chiropractic practice, we use natural means to assist your body not only in healing itself after injury or during a stressful situation, but also to help your body function at its best. We address all types of health issues – from car accident recovery to improved comfort during pregnancy.

Maintenance and wellness at Complete Health Chiropractic Center

& Wellness

Day to day life stressors – including constant sitting – affect spinal alignment, causing chronic discomfort and potential health issues. Fortunately, chiropractic is a wonderful resource for addressing neck and back pain, and supporting continued health and wellness.

Chiropractor and Massage Therapist in Oregon City


We offer massage therapy as a restorative as well as a preventative healing treatment. If you have suffered trauma or stress from a sports injury, vehicle accident, or chronic condition, massage can help assist healing while also providing immediate pain relief.

What to expect at Complete Health Chiropractic Center

What to Expect

At Complete Health Chiropractic Center, we work with you to lay the foundation for excellent health. As part of this, Dr. Pitcairn has worked tirelessly to find the best method with which to provide consistent, personalized care to every single one of her patients. Her system utilizes state-of-the-art technology, x-rays, and computerized scans to discover your particular spinal misalignments (subluxations), then provides a clear and understandable path to wellness. This may include chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and at-home exercises as well as lifestyle changes to maximize your health and return to pain-free living.

Client Reviews

See why Complete Health Chiropractic has so many 5 star reviews!

Dr. Jennifer has been just amazing for our family! When I was pregnant, she was able to relieve such discomfort from carrying a baby. I didn’t know it was possible to feel that great at 7+ months pregnant. She recently helped my 8 year old daughter after an unfortunate recess of hand-stands. Addie was in so much pain and Dr. Jennifer was gentle and kind and fixed her right up! We really appreciate the whole office and their kindness.

~Erika P.

Super caring chiropractor – Dr. Jennifer has gone way out of her way to help me.  I have rheumatoid arthritis and back problems, plus COPD so my trips here are very important to me. Dr. Jennifer has always helped me when I come in. A really really great and caring person and her staff are fabulous too!

~ Dan K.

The entire staff at Complete Health are fantastic. My life and health have progressed drastically since beginning my care here almost 2 years ago. They truly care about your overall natural health and recognize how so many aspects of your health are intertwined. In a nutshell, I’m so satisfied that although they are not covered by my particular health insurance, I wouldn’t dream of going to a different chiropractor and trust them to adjust my back properly.

~Aubrey F.

Dr. Jennifer and her staff at CHCC are amazing! I’ve been working with Dr. Pitcairn on my scoliosis for 19 years, and she has been a wealth of support and great information—for me and my family. She’s genuinely interested in improving the quality of life for her patients—so caring, patient, and professional. I highly recommend giving Dr. Pitcairn a try!

~Jane G.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Pitcairn for nearly 20 years. She has returned me to healthy numerous times, where often all traditional medical care has failed. She has a gentle approach, she spends quality time with you, she tracks your progress and refers to her notes at each visit. I get regular adjustments to help my aging body stay healthy.

~Lindsay S.

Meet the team at Complete Health Chiropractic Center, Oregon City, OR

Meet Our Team

The team here at Complete Health Chiropractic Center have worked together for so many years that we feel like family.

Our team members are Karen Owens as our Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant, Kelly Wheeler as our Office Manager, Jenn Davis as our Licensed Massage Therapist and Dr. Jennifer Pitcairn as our Chiropractor. You will likely interact with all of our tight-knit office staff at some point during your journey to better health, and we are so pleased to be here to support you.