Recently in an auto accident? You could be experiencing discomfort ranging from neck pain to back pain or worse. Delayed symptoms after a car accident are also common, making it hard to really understand what is going on with your body and the extent of the damage.

Once the symptoms come in full force (usually within at least a few days), our patients tend to ask us about recovery. In this blog, we’ll share what to expect physically after a car accident and how long it may take for your symptoms to improve.



How Long It Takes to Feel Better After an Auto Accident

Sore, tender muscles can last for six weeks or longer after an auto accident. However, this timeline can vary based on your injuries. Car accident injuries are tricky in that you might feel great one day, but your symptoms could escalate without warning the next.

You might even get symptoms for only a day or two if you were in a minor collision. With serious auto accident injuries, you might be in discomfort for several months or years in the worst-case scenario.

The best thing you can do to manage your pain is get the proper treatment. Chiropractic treatment can complement your current care plan by alleviating any stress or tension in the muscles or ligaments, speeding up your car accident recovery time, and helping your body to return to normal.



Why It’s Important to Work With a Chiropractor for Auto Injuries

With the amount of pain auto injuries can bring, a treatment plan is vital. When you go to an auto accident chiropractor, you can expect a detailed care plan that addresses your symptoms, diagnoses the underlying issue, and helps you maintain your recovery progress.

At Complete Health Chiropractic Center, we have three distinct phases for chiropractic treatment. We always begin with a simple discussion of your health history and pain. Then, we treat the pain, help you decide on the right corrective care plan, and recommend ways to help you keep feeling good.

It’s important to see a chiropractor regularly to keep up with your treatment progress. You might come a few times per week in the beginning and only come once per month or so after you’ve been in the maintenance phase for a while.

Not sure how often you should see a chiropractor for your specific auto injury? There’s no need to worry. Dr. Pitcairn at Complete Health Chiropractic Center will help you decide the best frequency for your visits based on your injuries.



Arrange a Visit With Our Auto Accident Chiropractor Today | Oregon City

At Complete Health Chiropractic Center, our main goal with auto accident recovery is to help you get better. Let’s work together to revert your body back to a stable, pre-accident condition.

Once you start your chiropractic journey, you’ll be one step closer to recovery. That means feeling better and returning to all your regular activities once again. Hang tight. We know you’ll get there!

Looking for the best chiropractor for auto accidents? Complete Health Chiropractic Center is dedicated to aiding you every step of the way to your recovery. Contact us now at (503) 557-9266 to schedule your first appointment.

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