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Chiropractic Treatment & Massage Therapy in Canby

Complete Health Chiropractic Center provides holistic and effective chiropractic treatment in Canby. Our lead chiropractor, Dr. Pitcairn, treats patients of all ages for a variety of injuries and discomforts. You can find the relief you need through holistic chiropractic adjustments.

We invite new patients to schedule a complimentary New Patient Consultation! Your consultation will include a phone call with Dr. Pitcairn to discuss your health concerns. There is zero obligation to become a long-term patient. We want to make sure we are a good fit and have you see for yourself why our patients keep coming back to us.

Chiropractic care for everyone at Complete Health Chiropractic Center Canby Oregon

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatment is at the heart of our practice. Each patient receives a customized care plan perfectly tailored to their needs to ensure immediate relief.

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Maintaining Health & Wellness at Complete Health Chiropractic Center Canby Oregon

Maintenance & Wellness

Dr. Pitcairn helps patients feel better now and long-term. Through sustained wellness visits, you will achieve and maintain optimal recovery.

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Massage Therapy at Complete Health Chiropractic Center in Canby Oregon

Massage Therapy

In-house massage therapy is the perfect pairing to your chiropractic treatments. Massage therapy sessions are incorporated into your treatment plan as needed.

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Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment | Canby, Oregon

When you start working with Dr. Pitcairn to relieve lower back pain, neck pain, or any other symptoms you may be experiencing, you may find relief right away or within just a few sessions. As your chiropractic treatment progresses, you can look forward to the following benefits:

Pain Relief

Pain relief is the number one goal of chiropractic care. Dr. Pitcairn uses gentle adjustments and exercises to help restore range of motion and relieve pain. Chiropractic treatments help restore your body’s natural alignment, which eases tension and discomfort.

Faster Recovery

Chiropractic treatment helps people recover from injuries or discomforts from everyday life, work, sports, and other activities. Chiropractic care is especially effective for those involved in car accidents. No matter how your pain started, you will find that chiropractic care can help you feel better faster.

Better Performance

It is nearly impossible to be at your best when you feel uncomfortable, tense, or struggle with daily aches and pains. Chiropractic treatments make it easier to sit or stand for prolonged periods, heal and prevent exercise injuries, and recover from accidents.

Enhanced Well-Being

Engaging in regular chiropractic treatments will improve your stress levels, blood pressure, and overall sense of well-being. If you struggle with stress or anxiety, you can benefit from regular chiropractic treatments.

Start with a Consultation

Dr. Pitcairn is currently accepting new patients. We invite you to take advantage of our New Patient Special for your complimentary initial consultation. Start your journey to healing with chiropractic care — at no cost to you!

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What to Expect | Chiropractic Treatment in Canby

Your treatment with Dr. Pitcairn begins with an initial consultation. She will take a detailed assessment of your health history, family health history, and which symptoms are most painful or bothersome to you. You will undergo a series of in-house tests, including x-rays (if medically necessary) and computerized testing.

Once your initial consultation is complete, Dr. Pitcairn tailors a care plan based on your unique results. As you move forward in your recovery, here is what you can expect in each phase of treatment:

Phase 1: Chiropractic Relief Care

During the first phase of treatment, Dr. Pitcairn targets and relieves your most painful symptoms. The cause and severity of your symptoms will determine the length of treatment in this phase. Once you feel better, you will move on to Phase 2 for corrective care.

Phase 2: Corrective Care

Corrective care is used to further enhance your recovery. Dr. Pitcairn will address any underlying issues or imbalances that contribute to your primary injury, as well as other aches. This phase may include massage therapy, at-home exercises, and lifestyle change recommendations.

Phase 3: Wellness Care

Once you have reached a desired level of relief from your discomfort, you will continue to see Dr. Pitcairn to ensure you sustain the progress you made in the first two phases of treatment. In phase 3, our goal is to help you achieve and sustain optimal wellness.

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About Dr. Pitcairn

Dr. Pitcairn is our chiropractor at Complete Health Chiropractic Center. She has been practicing chiropractic in Oregon City for over 24 years. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1996 from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. She is a founding board member of the Oregon Chiropractic Association, and a member of the International Chiropractic Association.

Learn more about Dr. Pitcairn and meet our other team members over on our Team Page.

Chiropractic Treatment is for Everyone

Chiropractic care is not only safe and effective for adults, but children of all ages too. Pregnant women can also receive adjustments that help ease pregnancy pains and make delivery easier. Whether you are preparing to give birth or want your child to see a chiropractor, Dr. Pitcairn uses appropriate techniques to help the whole family feel their best.

Prenatal Care

Chiropractic treatment is great for pregnant women in any trimester. Dr. Pitcairn uses targeted adjustments to help ease discomfort during pregnancy and alleviate pressure in the hips and lower back. If you are struggling with pregnancy pains, schedule a consultation at our office.

Learn more on our Prenatal Chiropractic Care Page.

Pediatric Care

Chiropractic treatment is great for adults and children alike. Even infants can start visiting a chiropractor shortly after birth. Dr. Pitcairn uses gentle adjustments that are tailored to your child’s weight to treat misalignments, injuries, and other issues. The adjustments used for pediatric chiropractic adjustments use far less pressure than adult adjustments.

Learn more on our Pediatric Chiropractic Care Page.

What to expect at Complete Health Chiropractic Center

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